Caroline Bonavia

Caroline is a well-known and experienced solicitor who has a strong client base. Caroline read English at Cambridge. Following a period of teaching, she worked her way around the world before returning to the UK to qualify as a solicitor.

Caroline has a successful career spanning for over 38 years and has Higher Rights for 10 years.

A powerful advocate, Caroline practised in civil and criminal law in East and South London before specialising as a criminal defence solicitor advocate, preparing a full range of matters from public order allegations to the most serious offences. Caroline is representing clients at the police station, Youth, Magistrates and Crown Courts and the Court of Appeal.

She is a highly experienced solicitor whose career is hard to match. Specialising in very serious cases, Caroline has a wealth of experience dealing with the most serious crimes including terrorism cases, murder, drug trafficking and gang-related crime.

Caroline joined Coomber Rich in 2015 as a Duty Solicitor and Consultant.