R v S 2020 Winchester CC – Criminal gang murder.

R V P 2020 Winchester CC – Arson, Reckless Endangerment of Life.

R v M 2020 Winchester CC – Possession and Distribution of Indecent Images.

R v M 2019 Kingston Crown Court – Large scale conspiracy to commit burglaries.

R v E 2019 Winchester CC – 18 year old defendant charged with importation of class A drugs, 6 year starting point, secured a suspended sentence following a guilty plea.

R v V 2019 Winchester CC – Acquitted of unlawful wounding at trial, successfully ran self-defence despite use of a knife.

 R v R 2019 Winchester CC – Defendant charged with causing serious injury by driving. It was alleged that the defendant had driven his car at the victim causing a broken ankle. We obtained an expert report from an orthopaedic surgeon to look at causation. The report concluded that the injuries sustained could not have been caused by a vehicle. The Prosecution offered no evidence at trial.

R v B 2018 Teesside CC – Multi-million pound conspiracy to defraud, allied money laundering charges, allegations of perverting the course of justice and Consumer Protection Regulations infringements; all concerning the use of copycat websites. Acquitted of all 6 counts.

R v L 2018 Bulford MCC – charged with two sexual assaults whilst serving in Cyprus. Acquitted of both counts following a 6 day trial before a Court Martial.

R v D 2018 Winchester CC – Defendant charged with causing Grievous Bodily Harm. Allegation was that he chased and assaulted the alleged victim following a disturbance on his property. Defendant denied being responsible/causing the injuries that the victim sustained. Acquitted at trial.

R v T 2017 Winchester CC – Defendant charged with two counts of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child. Historic offence, that was alleged to have occurred 7-10 years prior to arrest. Acquitted at trial of both counts.

R v C 2017 Snaresbrook Crown Court – Robbery.

R v B 2017 Inner London Court – Insurance Fraud and Money Laundering.

R v B 2016 Liverpool Crown Court – Conspiracy to Commit Fraud.

R v S 2016 Wood Green Crown Court – Aggravated Burglary.

R v A 2016 Maidstone Crown Court – Human trafficking.

R v G 2016 Kingston Crown Court – Robbery.

R v M 2016 Harrow Crown Court – Making False Identity Documents.

R v S 2016 Winchester CC – Charged with assaulting an off duty British Transport Police officer who effected an arrest on him during a train journey. Three independent witnesses were traced and gave crucial evidence at the trial. The defendant was acquitted.