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VHCC (Very High Cost Cases)

We appreciate not every firm has the resources to support a VHCC contract. We represent defendants facing the most complicated and serious fraud, money laundering, regulatory and criminal proceedings to come before the Courts.

We are happy to accept referrals of such matters. We understand firms are anxious to maintain their own client relationship for the future and some want a continued active and financial involvement in the case. Please contact Jo Coomber to discuss terms and arrangements on a case by case basis.

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General Crime

Anyone facing the prospect of either a criminal investigation or criminal proceedings before the Court, either in the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court, needs to have immediate access to highly skilled and experienced experts.

Daily we assist all categories of defendant in relation to all matters before the Youth Court (age 13yrs - 17yrs), Magistrates court ( age 18yrs and over), Crown Court and Court of Appeal.

Offences prosecuted by the police may include assaults, actual bodily harm, grievous bodily harm, murder, rape, all forms of sexual offences including pornography, indecent images, robbery, burglary, theft, public order offences, child cruelty and abuse.

We also advise and represent clients in relation to non police prosecution matters including Education department prosecutions e.g. failure to send a child to school; Probation prosecutions e.g. breach of a court order; regulatory offences including infringements of trading standards, health and safety and environmental regulations.

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Prison Law

We can’t give you a “get out of jail free” card - but we can advice and make written representations on internal disputes, disciplinary matters, paper reviews, license recall and re-categorisation. We represent clients at Adjudication hearings before a District Judge and Oral Parole hearings.

Road Traffic Law

We appreciate this area often involves people who have never had dealings with the police or courts before. We understand that a persons driving license is frequently integral to their life style and the threat of losing it and facing a fine or maybe imprisonment is traumatic.

Our experienced legal team regularly makes “special reasons” and “exceptional hardship” applications arising frequently from “totting up” and alcohol related offences. We support and represent clients facing more serious prosecutions arising from accidents causing death, serious injury or damage.

Our expert knowledge of motoring offences have helped hundreds of people to save their licence, their job and their money. Disqualification is not inevitable and conviction may be avoided with proper legal representation, so talk to us before doing anything.

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Military Law

Any service personnel, regardless of rank or income, are entitled to a solicitor free of charge in any interview conducted by military, naval or air force police or prosecuting authorities.

This right also applies to civilians on service bases abroad who are being investigated by service police or prosecuting authorities.

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